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The beautiful look is the birthright of every woman and it seems incomplete without catchy jewelry that's why we come with a bunch of different jewelry to overcome the thrust our style-oriented women. The trend of jewelry is not new at all among women but its theme changed timely. Previously, women were crazy for precious and gold jewelry only but now also goes for other options while buying artificial jewelry.

In today's era, many types of jewelry have been introduced which mainly include Afghani, Kundan, Polki, Turkish, Zarkoon, antique, stone and many more. The size, color, and design of jewelry reflect the huge impact on women's jewelry prices in Pakistan that's why women carefully select the right one to do shopping within their budget. Here we assemble its wider collection that will help you to select particular jewelry that does not spoil your savings.


Earrings are one of the most important and catchy pieces of jewelry. It comes in various types which mainly include studs, hoops, teardrops, jhumka and many more. Women chose earrings according to the occasion. They pick heavy earrings for parties and weddings while they go for light-weighted jewelry for office and home.


The beauty of the neck can be maximized with a stunning necklace. You can enhance the beauty of your personality with this simple women's jewelry. A diverse variety of necklace is available in the market and some of them are opera, collar, choker, rope. Its color, design and material add value in it and let you put on a remarkable look. We have a bunch of best necklaces for you at our section of online jewelry stores through which you can get your hands on different variety without hopping from store to store.


The prettiness of women's hands depends on the catchy bracelet. You can explore many types of bracelets at our online store in Pakistan like a chain, bangle, cuff, slider, hoolith, etc. You can do shopping according to your budget with our wider range bracelet in one place then do not waste a moment anymore and let's place an order for your favorite one.


The gorgeous personality of women does not seem complete without covering their ankle with a catchy anklet. We also have a wider variety at the best jewelry price in Pakistan. You can sightsee letter, sliver, charm, beaded, and many more at our online store for women and if you are also crazy to wear the cool anklet then take out the time and select your favorite one now.

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Ladiesfirst.pk is a one-stop point for jewelry lovers. We have a bunch of original jewelry at the official jewelry price in Pakistan. You can place an order for anyone of them with our easy shopping method and get your hands on it at your doorstep. The description of the design and material are available individually then do not forget to explore your desired piece before buying it.

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